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Игровой автомат Blackjack VIP D

Игровой автомат Blackjack VIP D

Platipus is a British, innovative online casino game provider that was founded in 2010. It was part of Miracle Casino, but after separating from it and becoming independent in 2014, Platipus started to develop a well-done and structured marketing plan and began to build its very own unique gaming library consisting of custom-created jaw-dropping titles. While aiming to bring something new and revolutionary to the iGaming industry, it produces video slots and table games, which users at BC.GAME can play, that is creative, entertaining, and groundbreaking, full of immaculate visual elements, fascinating tales, a variety of volatility solutions, and other bonuses. Platipus has 82 exclusive games in its gaming collection and aims to increase that number to 100 very soon. With a global consumer base, its games are designed to meet the requirements and aspirations of gamers all over the planet. Due to Asia being an enormous business opportunity with one of the world’s fastest expanding clientele, many of Platipus’ recent products are Asian-oriented, not just in visual art but also in atmosphere, functionality, and soundscapes. These new titles complement its existing collection of exceptional games, every one of which is played and adored by the BC.GAME community. One of the most well-known and distinguished projects created by Platipus are Un Dia De Muertos, a game about scary-looking creatures at Night Carnival, Guises of Dracula, where players can meet Dracula himself and his vampire apprentices, who have attacked a castle, and The Ancient Four, depicting the four Chinese mythological creatures — Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise, which have long been associated with prosperity and fortune. Players at BC.GAME can be sure that they are playing a fair and trustworthy game from a credible creator when playing titles issued by Platipus. Its Random Number Generators (RNG) were validated by an Australian-based major testing and accreditation company for online gaming systems, iTech Labs, guaranteeing that every spin is, in fact, random and erratic. Moreover, Platipus is approved by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN), Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), Italian Gaming Authority (IGA), Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (IMGSC), Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GGC), and Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA). Additionally, the personal data that users entrusted to Platipus is extremely safe and very secure because the team works day and night to strengthen their invulnerable and impenetrable systems even more. Platipus is committed to creating eye-catching, exciting, complex, and unique products that stick out in a competitive industry. Because of its reputable games, it is evident why it became so prosperous. A balanced relationship is a two-way road built on mutual trust and respect between the creator and the player, and it is at the essence of the company’s economic philosophy. Platipus has done its best to satisfy every client from the day of its inception and continues to do so even after it has expanded and turned into a big game development studio with considerable gambling expertise.

Об этой игре

Blackjack VIP: Game Review & Theme

Platipus has developed Blackjack VIP, which is a video poker game. It will keep you entertained and fulfilled because there are many payouts.

The game does not include a background, but a table with the game’s name is printed on its surface. You’ll also see card shoes and a command bar at the bottom of the display. This allows you to set your preferred stake easily; click on any of the numbers in this section and type in your desired amount.

The graphics have been rendered so that you can load and play this game without any difficulty beautifully. You don’t have to download any software to enjoy Blackjack VIP—it can be played directly on your web browser. This is worth checking out if you’re searching for another type of interactive entertainment beyond slot machines!

Blackjack VIP by Platipus offers a regular payout between spins, but you must be patient for the big wins. It is recommended for all players, whether they are novices or veterans.

Gameplay and Tutorial

Blackjack VIP is a casino game on a table accommodating only one player. The game is automated, and thus you will not have any dealer directing the game. Instead, you will have sound effects replicating a real-life blackjack game.

To play Blackjack VIP, you must first set your preferred stake using the chips on the bottom of the game display. You can set your preferred stake from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 200. After setting your bet, click the deal button, where an automated dealer will deal cards.

To beat the dealer, you must have a number higher than the dealer, which must be 21 or closer to 21; otherwise, you will lose your bet (the money used during gameplay). Players who love to sit back and enjoy as wins land, then this game does not have this feature; instead, you must play manually to implement your strategy for big wins.

About Blackjack VIP at BC.GAME

In Blackjack VIP, you will not find any predefined pay lines; instead, you will find bets such as hit, stand, double, split, insurance, and even money which will give you multiple opportunities to make a win. To win blackjack, you must have a sum of exactly 21 on your first two cards.

A Blackjack VIP will beat a regular 21 if it lands on the first two cards. This is the highest pay that can be received when playing this exciting game.

Feature of Blackjack VIP

Blackjack VIP offers players an entertaining base game, but other online casino games are more exciting. The game does not include wilds, scatter symbols, or free spins. Instead, it has bonus features such as insurance and elements that make it exciting.

Insurance Bet

The insurance bet, an optional bet that can be made after the first game round, allows you to win even when the dealer’s hand totals 21. You are prompted to fold or bet, and if you choose to place the bet and it loses, it will pay out at odds of 2:1.

Hit, Stand, Double, Split, and Even Money

Other features include bet types such as Hit, Stand, Double Split, and Even Money. These elements allow you to manipulate the game as it continues. A Hit is for the dealer to give you an extra card; Stand allows you not to be dealt another card; Double allows you to double your ante bet; Split will split the cards dealt; and even money allows you to win the game even when the dealer has a blackjack.


In addition, this game has different features that make it easy to play. You can find bonus features such as the re-bet button that give you a smooth gaming experience. Other than those bonus features, players only have other elements. It would help if you were satisfied using your strategy of winning the game.

Blackjack VIP: Summary

Platipus releases have become famous for their sleek graphics and sophisticated gameplay. If you’re a fan of traditional blackjack, we highly recommend this latest release. It has fantastic visuals, smooth animations, a razor-thin house edge, and works great on all smart devices. On the flip side, the lack of side bets might disappoint some. Also, the $10-$400 wagering limits are great for hobby gamblers but will only suffice for high rollers.

Автомат Blackjack Professional Series

Блэкджек Профессиональная Серия

Если вас интересует казино Вулкан ВИП и автоматы, играть бесплатно в которые можно онлайн, тогда обязательно ознакомьтесь со всеми слотами, представленными в игровом клубе. Если среди них вы встретите слот Блэкджек Профессиональная Серия, обязательно попробуйте сыграть в него. Почему – давайте разберемся.

Общее описание игрового автомата на деньги

Бесплатный игровой аппарат Блэкджек Профессиональная Серия не имеет барабанов и линий выплат. Первое, что привлекает внимание во время процесса игры – приятная успокаивающая музыка. Далее игрок видит игровой стол, 3 игроков и дилера. Чтобы начать игру без регистрации в режиме онлайн, необходимо сделать ставку на одного, двух или трех игроков. После этого система раздает каждому по 2 карты. Вам решать, взять ли еще одну карту или же оставить то, что есть. Главная цель – собрать 21 очко или как можно ближе подобраться к этой цифре, так, чтобы дилер собрал или больше 21, или меньше 21 и меньше вашей суммы. Итак, все легко и просто. Если вы все же желаете для начала сыграть в бесплатном режиме, пожалуйста – переходите на сайт клуба Вулкан ВИП, где вы сможете найти демо-версию нового слота, доступную без регистрации и без смс.

Главные характеристики игрового автомата

  • наличие трех рук;
  • 4 номинала игровых фишек;
  • выигрыш напрямую зависит от суммы ставки;
  • джекпот отсутствует;

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